Papua New Guinea Travel Guide

One of the last frontiers is an expression that couldn’t be closer to the truth where Papua New Guinea is concerned. Whether culture or nature excites you, this is one of the most untouched and diverse lands on earth and in reality is not at all difficult to visit. With so much to see it’s hard to believe Papua New Guinea is one of the least visited countries on earth.

Papua New Guinea is in the South Pacific and lies directly north of Australia. Two beautiful and mysterious new island province lies to the northeast of mainland Papua New Guinea. New Ireland is the narrow island north of New Britain and the province also includes several islands of the Northwest end the largest being New Hanover. To the east lie a further string of islands including Lihir, one of the world’s largest gold mines.

New Ireland has perfect white sand beaches and rivers of clear water tumbling down from the ruggedly forested central onyx range. New Ireland is a beautiful, friendly, and easygoing place and although little known and rarely visited is easily accessible to those looking for that special once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

Kavieng is a sleepy little town with an attractive harbour and a variety of bars, restaurants, and facilities including supermarkets, supply stores, banks, supply stores, and places to stay include a hotel, guest stars, and resort-style accommodation while easygoing traditional style bungalows are situated among the islands offshore. From Kavieng, you can choose to head down the main coastal road of a new island or head out into the many beautiful islands offshore.

New Ireland known as the mainland by the locals is mountainous and riddled with huge flooded caves. Much of the east coast can be reached by the bull Minsky highway which runs most of its length. This coast comprises one breathtaking beach after another, traditional villages, and lagoons of surpassing beauty. Friendly guest house and bungalow-style accommodation are available at various points, providing an opportunity to experience traditional community life at a true grassroots level. You might even be lucky enough to join a traditional ceremonial feast. The remote west coast is also accessible by road with rugged rainforest and clad mountains falling steeply into the sea.

Midway down the island, the Papuan Plateau rises to over 1200 meters and is very different from the steamy coast. The vegetation comprises many fans and beautiful orchids and the climate is cool enough to grow vegetables that cannot be grown on the coast. Mountaintop guest house accommodation is available and is the perfect location from which to experience traditional highland plateau life.

The northwestern islands with the friendly people, wide sandy beaches, crystal-clear waters, pristine coral reef systems, and rolling surf are an unspoiled paradise – an incredible opportunity for discovery and adventure or just simple relaxation. Many of the palm-fringed islands contain picturesque villages and the largest island called New Hanover has spectacular river systems, waterfalls, and mountains.

These remote and beautiful island groups can be explored by boat and really are a journey back to ancient times. Comfortable guest house accommodations are available in some of the most idyllic locations imaginable or perhaps the adventure, freedom, and simplicity of a liveaboard yacht charter might appeal to you. Either way, visitors will experience a fascinating culture largely unchanged for thousands of years.

The new island province of Papua New Guinea is one of the world’s most timeless, diverse, and exciting discoveries of modern times. It’s safe it’s easily accessible, and it’s waiting for you.

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Tips for buying the best ATV

Buying a new ATV could be quite challenging. If you are going to buy an ATV for the first time, then you have come to the right place. This is because, here we are going to help you in getting the best machine. Moreover, you will be able to save a lot of money by following these tips. There are many types of ATVs, a lots of brands as well as different sizes. Read this out, if you want to buy the right machine.

Do your research:

First of all, if you are planning to buy a new ATV, then you have to do a little homework. You have to do research in this field.

Try to learn about the brands and the prices of their machines. You can also check the rates and reviews of the customers. Study the specifications of different brands and choose the one you like the most.

What do you need?

Next thing you need to understand is your need. Why do you need an ATV? If you need it for professional use, then you must check its specifications wisely. On the other hand, if you need it for your adventures, then you will need a different kind of machine. While the owner of flat roofing Edmonton doesn’t need an ATV for work necessarily, there may be times when it will come in handy. Other than that, adventures on the four wheeler will take priority. For kids, you will need a small ATV.

What do you want?

After analyzing your needs, now you have to think about your wants. Which type of ATV do you want to carry home? Here, we would like to add that brand is an important consideration. ATV’s are present in different sizes and shapes. They are manufactured for different purposes as well. These are designed for racing, hunting, ranching as well as for military operations. Most of the ATV’s are available with four wheels. But, they are also available in 3, 6 and even with 8 wheels.

Decide your budget:

After deciding these things, now you need to decide your budget. This is the time you have to decide how much you can afford. Check your financial condition carefully and then decide.

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Different types of ATV’s for new riders

The ATV is a well-known investment for individuals who are fans of outdoor events. The ATV is not that difficult for new riders to get the hang of but it can be dangerous selecting an inappropriate ATV even for new riders.

Below are the different types of All Terrain Vehicles that are appropriate for new riders and are certain to make riding as convenient as possible.

Choosing the appropriate ATV

There are numerous amounts of ATVs on the market and selecting the most appropriate one for a new rider might be a little tedious. Maybe you already have one sitting in your unit at storage Fort Saskatchewan that you need to dust off.

The first aspect that should be put into consideration when selecting an ATV should be the engine. Selecting an engine that is too big can cause issues for new riders, so it’s best to choose one with a minimal amount of power.

New riders can ride an ATV with 250cc to 300cc engines that won’t overpower them with excess power. The transmission of the ATV should also be considered after the engine power. An automatic transmission is ideal for new riders as it will help them learn with ease and get used to riding ATVs before they move on to models with manual transmissions.

Lastly, the riding style you desire to do would have a say in the type of body of your ATV. If you are in search of a ride that is great for long distance instead of rocky and aggressive tracks. It would be best to pick a utility ATV which is boxy. But if you are more interested in speed, a sports ATV that comes alongside a strong suspension and a style which is more streamlined would be ideal.

Different types of ATV for new riders

Some of the different types of ATVs for new riders include;

ATVs for Kids
These kinds of ATVs are designed for kids and come in sizes that are smaller than that of the adult counterparts. They mostly come in 50cc-110cc engines, but sometimes they come with more powerful engines.

Sport ATVs
These are the most recognized types of ATVs. They come in a suspension which is lighter and remarkable which is great for dealing with the bumps that can be located on a rough route. Their engine is usually between 250cc to 750cc.

Side-by-Side ATVs
The side by side ATVs has some similarities with the sports ATV but the engine sports more power than that of a sports ATV.

Utility ATVs
These are also quite common, and they are utilized in a variety of work environments. They have massive motors and come in short travel suspensions.

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Starting Your ATV Adventures

ATV’s have become very popular since their introduction decades ago. They bring excitement to riders young and old. Families can enjoy ATV’s together. Unfortunately, many people are insured while riding. If you are an ATV beginner, there are many things you should know before starting your adventures.

The first piece of advice it to hit the trails with someone that is experienced on an ATV. Try one out to make sure you enjoy it in the first place. If you do, shop for one that matches your size. An experienced dealer can help you with this.

For a beginner it is best to start with a used ATV. As you become more familiar with riding, you will talk with others with different models. This will help you better determine what you want in an ATV. Once you have your ATV, you should take a safety course. These are well worth your time and money. You want to be as safe as you can out on the trails.

Before you take your ATV out on the trails, sit down and read through the owner’s manual. Each ATV is unique so there are things about it you will need to learn from the manual. If you bought a used ATV, write down the serial number and research online or go to a dealer for a copy of the manual.

Once you are familiar with your machine, it is time to go out on the trails and practice. Practice is really the only way you can learn to drive your ATV. Make sure you have been given permission to ride on the land first, though. Go on your first few trail rides with someone experienced and be sure to ride sensibly. You will get better with your riding when you ride with others that have more experience. Plus, it is always nice to have someone along with you to guide you if you need help. Most importantly, never ride alone!

By following these simple steps, you will be on your way to enjoying all the excitement and fun that driving an ATV can offer. It will take a little time before any beginner can go out on the trails without someone more experienced, just like with anything else. Take your time, though, and learn how to do things the right way. You will be glad you did in the long run. It is important to ensure you stay safe on the trails and to guarantee you and others have a great time exploring.

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Snacks for the ATV Trail

Are you planning an ATV excursion soon? There is a secret to being able to enjoy a longer, happier ride. Want to hear it? Well, it’s simple. Trade out the juice and soda you usually take with a cool bottle of water. Many riders like to carry sports drinks with them, but these often include a lot of sugar. If you are an athlete participating in a sport, energy drinks are fine since you are exerting a lot of energy, but water is still better for you.

You’re probably wondering about what food to carry, right? Well, a good batch of trail mix is great to go along with your water. Before you go out and buy just any kind of trail mix, though, be careful to check the labels. Though trail mixes are considered “healthy,” many of the are loaded down with sugar, unnecessary sodium, and trans-fats. It is often easier just to make your own trail mix. Simply take a large plastic bag, put in some cereal that is high in fiber, unsweetened dried fruits (raisins, etc.), and some nuts. If you really need something sweet, add in a little bit of semi-sweet chocolate chips. Now just shake up the bag and enjoy your homemade trail mix. Before I went out with my group from Albatross Roofing, we spent a few hours together making snacks for the trails. We all were grateful we spent that time in the end, too.

There are quite a few energy bars available on the market for you to enjoy. Many of them are lacking in your basic nutritional needs, though. There are some available that you can use as a meal substitute if you find one that has the nutrition you need. It is an easy way to replace your lunch when you find one that is power packed. Be sure that the one you eat has a minimum of 250 calories and a lot of fiber. Avoid the energy bars that include carbohydrates exclusively. You want one that has a balance of protein and carbs. Also, find energy bars that are not made by candy makers that are popular. These will be a lot more likely to include too much sugar.

A snack you should never overlook is the banana. This tropical fruit is loaded down with nutrition. A medium sized banana has a lot of therapeutic benefits, has a lot of potassium, and is only around 100 calories. The challenge is to find a place in your pack where they will not be squished on your ATV trail excursion. Though you can still eat a squished banana, it is a little more difficult.

Keep in mind that the more you plan your ATV excursion, the more you will be able to get out of your adventure. The planning includes the foods and drinks you will be bringing with you, including the type and amount.

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Finding a Fun ATV Trail

There are lots of trails for ATV’s throughout the United States. Before going, though, how do you know if it is a good trail? Below we will discuss things to look for when deciding where to go for ATV fun.

If you are familiar with riding an ATV, you will likely want a longer trail. You would probably be bored with a trail that simply goes around in a circle. Some trails are over a hundred miles long. Be sure to start on a shorter trail and work up your endurance. As a beginner, the crew at mudjacking Edmonton knew it was important to find a more experienced rider to help you learn the ropes. This is a very important tip. You will not want to go out alone for your first ride.

Be sure the trail you choose matches your riding abilities. In other words, if you are a newer rider, don’t start with a mountain trail or one that requires a lot of skills. If you are experienced, find a trail that can offer you a challenge.

One of the best parts of riding an ATV is the ability to enjoy the nature around you. Because of this, it’s important to find a beautiful natural area for you to enjoy.

Many times, you will come upon an area that you are not sure is open to ATV riding. The best rule is to never ride in any area until you have been given permission from a legal authority or the property owner. Unfortunately, too many ATV riders have given this sport a bad reputation by tearing up national parks or riding through privately owned land. There are a lot of areas where it is legal to ride on the trails, so make sure the trail you choose is approved for ATV’s so you don’t face a hefty fine.

Getting lost on an ATV trail is something you want to avoid at all costs. To keep yourself safe, you will want to have the right gear while outside since the natural elements can be scary, uncomfortable, and at times deadly. If you don’t know the area well where you will be riding, be sure to take a map with you. Even if you don’t need to use it, it is much better to have it as a precaution. Being prepared is always a good choice.

One of the most telling way to know if an ATV trail is great is when you ride it and can’t wait to get back and share about it with others. When you anxiously await getting home to blog about your adventures with your ATV, you know it was a great ride. After all, when you find something that gets your blood pumping with excitement, it is your responsibility to share it with everyone else.

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Personalizing Your ATV

These days, we all seem to be pressured to conform into the mold the society has determined for us. We are known by a number given to us at birth that follows us throughout our entire lives. Maybe it’s because of this that we are drawn to express our own styles whenever we can. We want something that yells, “this is me,” and that makes us stand apart from the crowd. One way we can do this is through customizing our ATV. There are many ways to do this.

For a long time now, customizing cars has been a popular thing to do. Today, those car owners are no longer the only ones wanting to make a personal statement. With shows like “Pimp My Ride” and “American Chopper,” customizing your vehicle is more popular than ever.

Because of this demand, ATV owners are now able to spruce up their rides too. The appreciation of these vehicles that are usually associated with farming and hunting is taking off as people are dreaming up ways to make their ATV more unique. Through this, each ATV reflects the style and taste of the owner and becomes a signature piece.

The trend of personalizing an ATV was first started by celebrities but has become a lot more mainstream per a leading ATV manufacturer, Polaris. The fad is mostly seen in areas of the Southwest, in states like Arizona and California.

There are many ways to customize your ATV, but here are a few of the more popular ways:

  • Add flames. This has been popular since the fifties when hot rods that represented speed were decorated with scorching flames. This is still the most popular design available today.
  • Add components made of chrome. If you like to sparkle and shine, chrome is a great addition. It is also seen as a sign of status to have a lot of chrome on your ATV.
  • Make your rims color-keyed. Choose a color that suits your style. You can use basic neutrals, strong earth tones, or bright primaries to decorate your rims.
  • Install a sound system. You can put in in the roof or in the bed. This will make any music you play sound better. Being able to listen to your choice of music is great when you are camping and don’t have your typical comforts.

  • There are many other ways you can customize your ATV. Look around online for other options to find what fits your personality best.

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    Staying Safe on Your ATV

    ATV’s (All Terrain Vehicles) have a bad reputation of being dangerous. Each year, many people are injured seriously on them or even killed in accidents on ATV’s. Yes, an ATV can be dangerous, but no more than any other kind of vehicle such as a car, motorcycle, or anything else. ATV accidents are caused mostly due to the improper use or ignorance of it. There are many safety precautions that can be taken to help minimize the risks of riding an ATV. Most of those precautions are common sense. Keep reading to discover more about staying safe while riding an ATV.

    The first rule is that no one under 16 years of age should be permitted to ride on an ATV that is full-sized. The American Academy of Pediatrics put forth this recommendation but it should be considered a law to always follow this. People under sixteen years of age are not developed enough to operate a vehicle with this much power. There are other options available to children under sixteen, though, such as smaller models and ones with engines that are less powerful.

    Knowing the operating rules for any ATV is very important before trying to operate it. There are courses all over the country that can train you to ride one, so it is always a good idea to enroll in a class before you go out for a ride. One thing you will learn in class is the importance of always riding protective gear such as eye protection, boots, gloves, and a helmet. All of these are necessary to protect your body from the danger of ATV riding in the case of an accident.

    A lot of times, an accident on an ATV happens when there is more than one passenger on the ATV. These are made for only one person to ride at a time generally. The extra weight can make the ATV roll over easier. Having the distraction of another person can also cause the driver to wreck.

    Remember that an ATV is designed to ride off road. You should never ride them on a hard surface like asphalt or concrete. Besides that, riding an ATV on a road is extremely dangerous because of the added dangers of riding along with cars and trucks. Besides, an ATV does not perform well on those types of surfaces and can be very hard to control.

    Most ATV accidents happen because of improper use. This can include riding too fast or driving it through terrain that is dangerous. An ATV is built to only go certain speeds over certain terrains. Going over those speeds should not be done because the ATV can roll over and crash. Doing tricks or stunts should also be avoided because of the risk of injury.

    Last of all, make sure you have something you can use to communicate with others on your ride. You will need to use it to call for help if there’s an emergency. Now get out there and have fun!


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