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Snacks for the ATV Trail

Are you planning an ATV excursion soon? There is a secret to being able to enjoy a longer, happier ride. Want to hear it? Well, it’s simple. Trade out the juice and soda you usually take with a cool bottle of water. Many riders like to carry sports drinks with them, but these often include a lot of sugar. If you are an athlete participating in a sport, energy drinks are fine since you are exerting a lot of energy, but water is still better for you.

You’re probably wondering about what food to carry, right? Well, a good batch of trail mix is great to go along with your water. Before you go out and buy just any kind of trail mix, though, be careful to check the labels. Though trail mixes are considered “healthy,” many of the are loaded down with sugar, unnecessary sodium, and trans-fats. It is often easier just to make your own trail mix. Simply take a large plastic bag, put in some cereal that is high in fiber, unsweetened dried fruits (raisins, etc.), and some nuts. If you really need something sweet, add in a little bit of semi-sweet chocolate chips. Now just shake up the bag and enjoy your homemade trail mix. Before I went out with my group from Albatross Roofing, we spent a few hours together making snacks for the trails. We all were grateful we spent that time in the end, too.

There are quite a few energy bars available on the market for you to enjoy. Many of them are lacking in your basic nutritional needs, though. There are some available that you can use as a meal substitute if you find one that has the nutrition you need. It is an easy way to replace your lunch when you find one that is power packed. Be sure that the one you eat has a minimum of 250 calories and a lot of fiber. Avoid the energy bars that include carbohydrates exclusively. You want one that has a balance of protein and carbs. Also, find energy bars that are not made by candy makers that are popular. These will be a lot more likely to include too much sugar.

A snack you should never overlook is the banana. This tropical fruit is loaded down with nutrition. A medium sized banana has a lot of therapeutic benefits, has a lot of potassium, and is only around 100 calories. The challenge is to find a place in your pack where they will not be squished on your ATV trail excursion. Though you can still eat a squished banana, it is a little more difficult.

Keep in mind that the more you plan your ATV excursion, the more you will be able to get out of your adventure. The planning includes the foods and drinks you will be bringing with you, including the type and amount.